I would like to give some info about the current status of and the changes in the Customize dialog after GSoC.

Context & History

During the summer, I participated in Google Summer of Code 2017 with the project “Revamp the Customize Dialog”, and worked to modernize LibreOffice’s Customize dialog to improve user experienceby giving it a better look, and making it more user friendly and accessible, while eliminating some under-the-hood bugs at the same time.

You may read more about that in the final report.

After GSoC

At the end of the GSoC, the total revamp of the dialog was not complete, so I continued working on it. So basicly I did:

  • Have the not-yet-merged patches merged to the feature branch on git
  • Have all my GSoC patches/changes in the feature branch merged to master (thanks to bubli)
  • Polished the implemented-so-far parts of the dialog, and fixed remnant issues
  • Continued fixing bugs in the revamped parts, and adding/implementing some more small bits from the design proposal

Resolved Bugs

A list of resolved/fixed bugs with a change date after the end of GSoC:

  1. bad column width behavior in new customize dialog
  2. Function not functional
  3. Customize window: Commands list should be responsive by keyboard
  4. Polishing the visual appearance
  5. Revamp toolbar/menu customization dialog
  6. Search feature in Customize Keyboard dialog
  7. Two reset buttons in Customize dialog is confusing
  8. Use real “+” and “−” icons instead of translatable text for Customize dialog buttons
  9. .uno:LanguageStatus shouldn’t appear in the customization dialog
  10. Allow assigning macros and styles to UI elements
  11. Customize dialog: Rename ‘All categories’ to ‘All commands’
  12. Customize dialog: .uno:EditAnnotation visible in functions list (by Maxim Monastirsky)

Merged Patches

A list of patches/commits dated after the GSoC period:

  1. Don’t use PostUserEvent to show message box in Customize dialog
  2. tdf#112133: Polish the visual appearance of the Customize dialog
  3. tdf#108011: Customize dialog’s commands list should respond to keyboard
  4. tdf#112241: Improve column width behaviour in Customize dialog
  5. tdf#112133: Drop the Add and Remove labels
  6. Cleanup unused strings in cui
  7. tdf#112136: Resolve confusion of two ‘Reset’ buttons
  8. tdf#113001: Use real ‘+’ and ‘−’ icons for Customize dialog buttons
  9. tdf#108916: uno:LanguageStatus shouldn’t appear in the customize dialog
  10. tdf#112207: Allow assigning styles to ui elements
  11. tdf#112207: Allow assigning macros to ui elements
  12. tdf#114091: Customize dialog: Rename ‘All categories’ to ‘All commands’
  13. tdf#113715 Fix .uno: names appearing in the customization dialog (by Maxim Monastirsky)

Current Look

This is how the Customize dialog looks like at the moment:

Screnshot of the Customize Dialog’s Menus Tab in LibreOffice 6.0

This is also what you will see in the upcoming LibreOffice 6.0.


The ‘Keyboard’ and the ‘Events’ tabs are yet to be revamped based on the new design. And there are still some missing bits in the already revamped tabs, and a number of bug reports to be solved under the Customize-Dialog meta bug.

QA Needed

You are more than welcome to test the new Customize dialog, and report bugs by downloding and installing LibreOffice 6.0 Beta2.